May 1st — 5th, 2024

Perrotin is pleased to participate in the 2024 edition of Frieze New York with a solo presentation by Lee Bae, alongside a selection of artwork by artists on the gallery’s roster.

A significant figure in Korean contemporary art, Lee Bae’s monochromatic practice is a formal and immersive study on the color black and materiality. His chosen material of charcoal, obtained by burning wood and used to revive fire, offers a metaphor for the cycle of life and time itself. Bold and irregular strokes evoke a pulsating energy that invites us to peruse what’s hidden within the dark recesses on the canvas. In Lee Bae's Issu du Feu series, he uses a careful process of sanding and polishing charcoal shards, which reflect light to reveal a spectrum of luminous blacks and grays. Paintings from his Brushstroke series, created with diluted charcoal ink, are the result of simple gestures where brushwork and the shades of ink create depth on a flat surface. The accompanying sculptures further explore the three-dimensional aspect of his paintings by taking up physical space. He currently has a solo show La Maison de la Lune Brûlée at the Wilmotte Foundation in Venice on view until November 24th, as part of the official collateral program of the 60th Venice Biennale, and has an upcoming solo show at Perrotin New York in September 2024.

Additionally, our booth will highlight artists with concurrent or upcoming exhibitions in the United States. Concurrently, Vivian Greven debuted her inaugural solo exhibition at Perrotin New York; and Hans Hartung is featured in the historical exhibition The New School of Paris Through Its Pioneering Women (1945 - 1964) on the first floor of the gallery. This June, Johan Creten will bring his mysterious sculptures to the gallery, building upon his exhibition at Abbaye de Beaulieu en Rouergue in France last year. In September, Jean-Marie Appriou will unveil three monumental sculptures that will be installed along the path to the Boston waterfront, at the Central Wharf Park, in an exhibition curated by Pedro Alonzo, ahead of Appriou's solo show at Perrotin Paris in October. Finally, the gallery will present work by Sophie Calle, ahead of her solo exhibition at the Walker Art Center later this year.

Perrotin’s booth will also feature a selection of artwork by artists on the gallery’s roster such as Daniel Arsham, Kelly Beeman, Mathilde Denize, Nick Doyle, Julia von Eichel, Bernard Frize, Charles Hascoët, Thilo Heinzman, Dora Jeridi, JR, Bharti Kher, MSCHF, Takashi Murakami, Katherina Olschbaur, Jean-Michel Othoniel, GaHee Park, Paola Pivi, Christiane Pooley, Gabriel Rico, Josh Sperling, and Xiyao Wang.