No More Tears, I'm Lovin' It
solo show
3 novembre - 23 décembre 2022
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New York



Perrotin is pleased to present the first-ever exhibition of work by Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF. Conceived in 2019, MSCHF is a conceptual collective whose elaborate interventions expose and leverage the absurdity of our cultural, political, and monetary systems.

Opening on November 3, No More Tears, I’m Lovin’ It will transform the gallery into an interactive strip mall with various sections. In these spaces, the collective will showcase art as merchandise, where sneakers are investment vehicles and video games are fine art. MSCHF challenges our institutional structures by forcing commentary and engagement, provoking widespread public response as a means of performance directly within the environments it critiques.

Press Release written by Michael Darling: here

Hand of Glory

From 12-8pm on November 3, visitors will be welcomed into the gallery by the disembodied hand of 24kGoldn, who will remain behind a wall. While his hand will be available to be touched by fans, the artist's most distinguishing features (voice and face) will be hidden, as a test of the power of celebrity.

In 2021, MSCHF launched a project entitled Spot’s Rampage, in which members of the public were able to remotely control a Boston Dynamics Spot® robot that had been outfitted with a paintball gun and placed within an art gallery. Via livestream, viewers could pilot the robot and fire the gun, gradually destroying the space and the robot.

After first trying to bribe the collective to remove the paintball gun with the offer of two free robot dogs, Boston Dynamics publicly condemned the project for using its robot “in any way that cpromotes violence, harm, or intimidation.” The day after Spot’s Rampage debuted, Boston Dynamics rolled out a partnership with the NYPD.

Boston Dynamics remotely disabled MSCHF’s legally-purchased Spot® robot via an undisclosed backdoor. Subsequently, MSCHF memorialized this robotic corpse with as many guns as it could possibly fit– a portent of robots to come.


Locked Apple iPhone 7 containing the phone numbers of The Weeknd, Jared Leto, Ashton Kutcher, BJ Novak, Kyle Lowry, Jamie Foxx, Ivanka Trump, Andre Iguodala, Grimes, Steve Aoki, Bad Bhabie, Kid Super, Diplo, Natasha Lyonne, Lil Yachty, Maurizio Cattelan, Emmanuel Perrotin, 2022.

Locked, jailbroken Apple iPhone 7, password not included.

1P-LSD is a functional analogue of LSD with comparable, though slightly weaker, effects. Crucially, while LSD is a Schedule I controlled substance in the US, 1P-LSD is unregulated and legal as a research chemical. All of the seltzer contained within Drink Me exists legally, but would become illegal at the moment of human consumption.

Each can of 1P-LSD seltzer within the Drink Me refrigerator contains 3 μg of 1P-LSD; Thirty-two cans of seltzer are roughly equivalent to a standard tab of LSD.


Eavesdropper 1 (black), 2022

Paper, Sharpie Marker, Microphone, Electronics, Writing Arm & Gantry

104.1 × 170.2 cm | 41 × 67 inch

In 2021, MSCHF ran a gun buyback program in which they asked participants to send in guns to be melted down and forged into swords. Participants then received these swords as compensation for the gun.

The swords displayed here expand on the original gun-to-sword transmutation and the size and potency of the firearm determines the size of the sword produced.

The Guns2Swords program is ongoing. Those wishing to commission a sword may surrender a gun of their own, which will become the source metal for the blade. Swords commissioned this way are subject to a special discount. Speak to gallery staff for details.

In 2020 MSCHF created This Foot Does Not Exist, a GAN that generates and sends novel feet pics on demand, via text message. Feet are, by general scientific consensus, the most common non-sexual-body-part fetish. Produced as a niche fetishistic commodity, feet pics have all the perceived transgressive elements of more traditionally recognized pornography, but without relying on specific pornographic or explicit content.

All of the feet depicted in MSCHF’s This Foot Does Not Exist series are generated by this GAN: they are created from scratch and do not belong to humans. The canvases themselves are then painted by factory labor. The entire painting process is a black box, which outputs paintings of feet automatically from end to end.

Gallery-goers are invited to text 607-409-3339 and request feet pics, which will give them unique on-demand images. These images may be commissioned as paintings through the Feet Paintings series process. Speak to gallery staff for details.

In 2022, MSCHF created Wavy Baby, a distorted sneaker created from a digitally liquified photograph of a Vans Old Skool skate shoe. Vans sued MSCHF over the creation of Wavy Baby. At the time of this writing, the legal proceedings between MSCHF and Vans are ongoing in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. In response to the case, MSCHF has extended its Wavy Shoes series to include six other classic shoe silhouettes from other major sneaker companies.

Jennifer Lopez leaving Soho Dance LA and walking to a Rolls Royce Ghost on Cotner Ave. on August 12, 2022, at 2:08pm PDT

MSCHF hired six photographers to simultaneously shoot Jennifer Lopez on the sidewalk in order to obtain dozens of near-simultaneous photographs of the celebrity from multiple angles. Using a process called 3D Photogrammetry, MSCHF then generated a 3-dimensional model of Jennifer Lopez using those images, which was then carved in marble. The final sculpture represents a “stolen” body– an intensification and extensio ad absurdum of paparazzi paradigms. The sculpture is displayed alongside a selection of the images from which it was derived, highlighting the multiple angles of capture.

Play as Marina Abramovic, Whistler’s Mother, Son Of Man, Bob Ross, Andy Warhol, Maurizio Cattelan, Charles & Ray Eames, Emmanuel Perrotin, George Bush, Jerry Saltz, Anthropomorphic Chair, Cheetles, and Bingo Bob!

BTS In Battle imagines a fantastical version of world-famous Korean boy band BTS’s mandatory military service. All male Korean citizens are required to perform two years of military service, a policy that has inconvenienced many young Korean pop cultural figures, from musicians to pro-gamers. Politics, nationalism, and equity, war against popularity and cultural influence, and BTS’ international profile has made the issue of their mandatory service a global headline. BTS In Battle speculatively (and absurdly) preempted this cultural flashpoint as an 8-bit videogame, developed for the Game Boy Color.

Ultimately, mere weeks before the debut of BTS In Battle, BTS finally confirmed that they will serve, and are not subject to any policy changes or loopholes.

Severed Spots: a Damien Hirst limited edition print of colored dots, purchased at a fair market price and sliced up into individually framed dots and then resold.


Peeps of Willendorf, 2022

Glucose syrup, sugar, corn starch, dextrose, water, gelatin, citric acid, dl-malic acid, sodium citrate, food flavors, food colors (FDC & RED 40, FDC & YELLOW 5, FDC & YELLOW 6, FDC & BLUE 1), cardboard, plastic.

MSCHF, Chanel Diffuser, 2022. Scent diffuser, Chanel No. 5 perfume.
MSCHF Chanel Diffuser, 2022. Scent diffuser, Chanel No. 5 perfume.
MSCHF Chanel Diffuser, 2022. Scent diffuser, Chanel No. 5 perfume.

Né en 2019 à New York, USA

MSCHF is a conceptual collective developing elaborate interventions that expose and leverage the absurdity of our cultural, political, and monetary systems. MSCHF provokes widespread public response as a means of performance, directly within the environments it critiques. Ultimately, the collective itself represents an intricate subversion of corporate structure, that seeks to challenge every sphere with which it comes into contact.

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