Gabriel RICO
Metawoman (Cranium) from the series -Hipótesis del equilibrio local-, 2019
Deer skull, neon, arrows, wood, concrete, glass, mirror
226.1 × 83.8 × 61 cm | 89 × 33 × 24 inch
Location: USA
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"This piece is part of the series “Hipótesis del equilibrio local” and this series refers to the hypothetical possibility of achieving equilibrium by mixing materials with no obvious relationship between them. The title of this piece refers to a shape that is constant in all elements in this sculpture that shape is “the circumference” in the cylinders (tube, concrete base and branch) and in the circles (neon and wire), this piece is produced completely with materials that I collects in search expeditions that I makes in some under construction urban parts of the city, except for the neon figure which I produce to complete the sculpture. The particularity of this piece is that the cranium, the stick and the rope that is tied to the stick were found during an exploratory hike in the Colorado mountains and later the other elements were sent from Mexico to complete the sculpture."

- Gabriel Rico