Gabriel RICO
VIII from the series -Unity & Uniformity (La Mitla de hérétiques), 2021
Feathers, brass
220 × 365 × 4 cm | 86 5/8 × 143 11/16 × 1 9/16 inch
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Unity & Uniformity (La Mitla de hérétiques) combines more than 200 roughly hewn brass plates, representing the full-scale feathers of Mesoamerican birds. The structure presents a regular pattern that repeats and multiplies over and over, thus creating a perfect visual texture. Interestingly, of these feathers arranged on the wall, only two are from real birds. Despite the color and material contrast between the roughly hewn metal and the real feathers, the oppositional effect is almost imperceptible owing to the scale of the ensemble. This playful touch forces us to question the powerful landscape produced by the artificial sheets and appreciate the uniqueness of a pair of natural keratin feathers.