Gabriel RICO
V from the series –Nimble and sinister tricks (To be preserved with out scandal and corruption)-, 2021
Glass, brass, mirror, rock, neon, mixed media
115 × 204.9 × 90 cm | 45 1/4 × 80 11/16 × 35 7/16 inch
Location: USA
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"This piece refers to the possibility of freezing a series of events in space and time, as if the action of throwing objects through the air were suddenly compromised by a mesh of static energy, finitely suspending the objects in their path. This sculpture assumes action and reaction as a principle for its configuration. The composition in relation to the place occupied by the objects in the glass is random, alluding to the force with which they were thrown and their weight. The selection of objects was made with the intention of achieving a harmonious and balanced composition, each one refers to the condition of precariousness related to the experience of life, to the basic needs that drive us and keep us alive."

-Gabriel Rico