Gabriel RICO
XXXVIII from the series –More robust nature...more robust geometry–, 2021
Camomile branch, neon & quarry rock
45 × 170 × 22 cm | 17 11/16 × 66 15/16 × 8 11/16 inch
Location: USA
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The series “more robust nature… more robust geometry” often combines a man-made item with an array of natural items like: neon light, a stone, a crooked tree branch, and a unique natural item. Here, all parts are linked by the neon light running along the edge and unifying the items. The fluorescent gleam passes through each of these objects, ultimately connecting them.

“The base of this sculpture is the consideration of the natural shape that the branch and the stone poses as a aesthetic principle to define the neon form and from it, establish a physical, topological and metaphoric connection between the two elements, alluding to the completeness principle that exist among human and nature, in which the humans in collectivity can build an imaginary way of thinking, following and imitating nature shapes. The title refers to the necessity of strengthen the knowledge that we have about the nature in order to enrich certain sectors of human knowledge, for example; some practican sciences, in this case geometry.” - Gabriel Rico