Gabriel RICO
Rather than the obvious object (Theorem), 2021
Ceramic, mirror, neon, brass
148 × 630 × 14 cm | 58 1/4 × 248 1/16 × 5 1/2 inch
Location: USA
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“In this sculpture I continue the research on the artistic possibilities of some of the mathematical foundations used to define the shape of space, specifically I analyze various topological principles such as set theory, metric space and topological spaces. A topological space is a mathematical structure that allows the formal definition of concepts such as convergence, connectivity, continuity, neighborhood, using subsets of a given set. This piece (as a topological postulate) is composed of a theorem and a proof of it, so I keep some of the elements that are used for its formulation such as letters, but I replace the other symbols by objects. The result contains all the balance and rigor that a mathematical foundation entails, enriched by objects related to everyday life.“

- Gabriel Rico