Gabriel RICO
Du’uej gui, from the series -Vis Viva-, 2021
Site-specific installation, gold leaf, branches
Approx.  : 6.1 m × 7.01 m × 55.9 cm | 20 ft × 23 ft × 22 inch
Location: USA
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The title of the piece Du'uej gui means Thread of Sun and is written in Triqui language, which is the largest and most diversified linguistic family in Mexico.

It is an in situ installation designed specifically for the exhibition "Of beauty and consolation.” This installation is composed of two main sections, one is the section of the branches with the gold leaf. This is from the Vis Viva series, which in latin means Living Force, a concept used in particle physics to define its movement. This term is normally considered as the double of kinetic energy, the intention of this project is to depict this natural force as a foundation for life and use it as a compositional element in this piece. The second section is the installation of taxidermy deers from the series “Can you smell maths?”