Courtesy of the artists and Perrotin. Photo by Yuta Saito
Courtesy of the artists and Perrotin. Photo by Yuta Saito
Courtesy of the artists and Perrotin. Photo by Yuta Saito
Art Osaka
art fairs
July 8
- 10, 2022
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Booth C27

Osaka City Central Public Hall 3F

Osaka, Japan

Perrotin is pleased to participate in Art Osaka 2022, the longest running art fair in Western Japan. This marks the gallery’s first appearance at the fair.

The presentation showcases paintings, mixed media works and sculptures by a diverse group of artists: Bernard Frize, whose process-oriented abstract painting explores all the possible visual outcomes of precise protocols, conceived in advance by the artist;

Photographer JR revisited the Louvre Museum during the 2021 lockdown in his series, Ballet, Sur les Toits du Louvre, with a ballerina restfully positioned on the building’s roof, acting as a quiet reminder of the semiotics of space;

Gregor Hildebrandt, known for his innovative artworks using repetition for their collage structure and magnetic tape as their medium.

The gallery’s booth also introduces works by Jean-Philippe Delhomme, Laurent Grasso, Klara Kristalova and Xavier Veilhan, on view alongside edition works by Jean-Michel Othoniel.

ペロタンはこの度Art Osaka 2022に出展いたします。Art Osakaは歴史のある現代アートのフェアで、ペロタンにとっては初めての参加となります。



写真家JRは、パンデミックによる閉鎖期間中にルーブル美術館の屋上を再訪し、建物の屋根に穏やかに佇むバレリーナの姿を通して、空間の記号論を静かに想起させるシリーズ«Ballet, Sur les Toits du Louvre»を制作しました。