Art SG
Otani Workshop, MADSAKI, Daniel ARSHAM, Kelly BEEMAN, Nick DOYLE, Greg ITO, Susumu KAMIJO, Izumi KATO, Emi KURAYA, Eddie MARTINEZ, Takashi MURAKAMI, Danielle ORCHARD, Jean-Michel OTHONIEL, Josh SPERLING, Tavares STRACHAN, Aya TAKANO, LEE Bae
art fairs
January 11 - 15, 2023
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Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre

10 Bayfront Ave

Singapore 018956

Booth BH02
Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre

Perrotin is pleased to join the inaugural edition of Art SG with a group showcase presenting for the first time in Singapore, work by Kelly Beeman, Nick Doyle, Greg Ito, Emi Kuraya, Susumu Kamijo, Lee Bae, MADSAKI, Eddie Martinez, Danielle Orchard, Otani Workshop, Josh Sperling, and Tavares Strachan.

Debuting paintings specially made on the occasion of Art SG are Kelly Beeman, Emi Kuraya, MADSAKI, Danielle Orchard, and Otani Workshop, each of whom is recognized for their distinct viewpoint on contemporary portraiture.

Nick Doyle and Josh Sperling show new sculptural wall works which blur the lines between painting and sculpture, image and object.

Recent work by Susumu Kamijo and Eddie Martinez, whose practices delve into the complex relationship between abstraction and figuration, will also be on view.

Lee Bae and Tavares Strachan introduce new bodies of work. Lee Bae’s Brushstroke series is a sonata of monochromatic brushstrokes unifying the artist’s gestures and his signature charcoal-derived ink; a masterful contemporary expression of Korean ink brush painting traditions.

Growing up in the Bahamas, Tavares Strachan spent his youth gazing into the night sky, which fuelled his life-long connection to space and exploration. The Galaxy Mandala series draws on symbolic elements of the mandala and his interest in word play to reflect on invisibility, the thematic cornerstone of his practice.

The gallery’s booth will also highlight recent work by Daniel Arsham, Takashi Murakami, and Jean-Michel Othoniel, all of whom debuted work in Singapore more than a decade ago.

Daniel Arsham’s latest still-life painting series draws from the artist’s own index of artifacts and iconography, building up intricate scenes with a lush impasto style of painting.

Takashi Murakami unveils a new work from his iconic Clone X series based on NFT avatars conceived as three-dimensional figures bearing the artist’s distinctive motifs. A larger-than-life sculpture of his Flower Parent and Child characters takes center stage in the booth.

Jean-Michel Othoniel’s Suspended Lover (‘Amant Suspendu’) sculptures reference the spiritual connotations of knots in Chinese culture and their symbolic connections to ideas of union and eternity.