Courtesy of the artist and Perrotin. Photographer: Keizo Kioku
Courtesy of the artist and Perrotin. Photographer: Keizo Kioku
Courtesy of the artist and Perrotin. Photographer: Keizo Kioku
Courtesy of the artist and Perrotin. Photographer: Keizo Kioku
Art Fair Tokyo "Serenade"
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March 9
- 12, 2023
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Tokyo International Forum
3 Chome-5-1 Marunouchi
100-0005 Tokyo Japon

Perrotin is pleased to participate in the 2023 edition of Art Fair Tokyo with a solo booth featuring New York-based artist Kelly Beeman, marking her first presentation in Japan.

In a new series of paintings, Beeman situates her characters in subdued yet evocative mise-en-scènes of domestic life. Men and women take pleasure in time spent alone and in displays of affection amid a serene, minimalistic suburban landscape. From idle sessions of playing music to embracing underneath a tree, the characters live out moments of the everyday that appear cinematic and idealized.

Portrayed in fluid form and smooth fields of color, Beeman’s characters look effortlessly chic in simple and delicately patterned ensembles. Their clothing exhibits a tasteful harmony with the surrounding environment, adding to the fantasy of a made-up world in which everything is blissful and perfect.

Each painting has an almost voyeuristic point of view, offering glimpses into a deeper narrative where memories and fleeting dreams unfold. In this space, characters bond with one another, their gaze directed toward the viewer in unassuming invitation. Through these interactions, Beeman communicates the need for human connection, creating windows of escape into a universe brimming with life’s small joys.

Following Beeman’s presentation at Art Fair Tokyo, the artist will have her first solo exhibition in the US at Perrotin New York in fall 2023.







Born in 1983 in Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, USA

A self-taught artist, Kelly Beeman took to drawing as a hobby since a young age. Having been influenced by her artistic parents, she grew fascinated with the technique of applying watercolor, which propelled her to continue pursuing drawing as an interest after graduation. Her watercolor work caught the attention of the fashion house JW Anderson in 2015, and subsequently led her to a number of collaborations in the fashion industry including a Travel Book with Louis Vuitton in 2020. Now known for her watercolor and oil paintings, Beeman features nonchalant-looking subjects partaking in solitude or social leisure, characterized by clean fluid lines, fields of colors, and fashion ensembles as a recurring motif. Drawing inspiration from childhood nostalgia and the everyday, Beeman’s paintings invite contemplation of deeper layers of narrative and interiority.

独学のアーティスト、ケリー・ビーマンは幼い頃に趣味として絵を描き始めました。芸術的な両親の影響を受け、水彩の技法に魅了されると、学校卒業後も絵を描き続けていました。2015年にビーマンの水彩画がファッションブランド・JWアンダーソンの 目に留まったことを皮切りに、2020年のルイ・ヴィトンとのトラベルブックなど、ファッション業界で数多くのコラボレーションを実現させました。現在では水彩画と油絵で知られるビーマンは、その流れるような綺麗な線、色彩、ファッション・アンサンブルをモチーフとして繰り返し登場させ、単独または人との余暇に興じる無表情の被写体を描いています。幼少期のノスタルジーや日常からインスピレーションを得ているビーマンの絵画は、物語性や内面性の深い階層への沈思を促します。

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