Jean-Marie APPRIOU, Iván ARGOTE, Daniel ARSHAM, Rina BANERJEE, Sophie CALLE, Mathilde DENIZE, Nick DOYLE, Oli EPP, Vivian GREVEN, Henry GUNDERSON, Zach HARRIS, Charles HASCOËT, John HENDERSON, Leslie HEWITT, Kara JOSLYN, JR, Izumi KATO, Nikki MALOOF, Gabriel DE LA MORA, MSCHF, Takashi MURAKAMI, Danielle ORCHARD, Jean-Michel OTHONIEL, Zéh PALITO, Paola PIVI, Tavares STRACHAN, Xiyao WANG
art fairs
May 17 - 21, 2023
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New York

The Shed

545 W 30th St, New York, NY 10001

Perrotin is pleased to participate in the 2023 edition of Frieze New York.

The gallery's booth will present a nested solo corner by Japanese artist Izumi Kato. The artist's practice is deeply rooted in his unconventional approach to art making: he intuitively paints with his fingers in bold hues, and his pieces consequently embody a primal, universal form of humanity founded less on reason than on intuition. At the heart of Kato’s practice is the Shinto belief that everything, even objects like rocks and wood, contain a spirit. Materials, such as stones and textiles which evoke a historic precedent in Japanese folk art traditions, are sourced from Kato’s environment. At Frieze New York, Kato will present a series of stone sculptures, aluminum sculptures and new oil paintings, ahead of a solo exhibition at Perrotin Paris in June.

Additionally, our booth will highlight artists with concurrent or upcoming exhibitions in New York City. Currently on view, Rina Banerjee, Danielle Orchard and Henry Gunderson all recently debuted their first solo exhibitions at Perrotin New York. This July, Jean-Michel Othoniel will open a solo exhibition at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, marking the artist's largest US presentation since his 2012 retrospective at Brooklyn Museum. In November, Jean-Michel Othoniel will also open a solo exhibition at Perrotin New York.

Finally, central to the booth, Takashi Murakami will present a new painting of his Mr. DOB figure, a whimsical character that has been appearing in the artist’s work for over two decades. Mr. DOB’s name is lifted from the Japanese slang expression dobojite, which means “why?” The icon’s sharp teeth, cartoon eyes, and murine ears together exemplify Murakami’s inspiration drawn from youth culture, specifically anime and manga.

Perrotin's booth will also feature new artwork by Jean-Marie Appriou, Iván Argote, Daniel Arsham, Sophie Calle, Mathilde Denize, Nick Doyle, Oli Epp, Vivian Greven, Zach Harris, Charles Hascoët, John Henderson, Leslie Hewitt, Kara Joslyn, JR, Nikki Maloof, Gabriel de la Mora, MSCHF, Zéh Palito, Paola Pivi, Tavares Strachan, and Xiyao Wang.