TEFAF New York
art fairs
May 11 - 16, 2023
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New York, New York

Park Avenue Armory

643 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10017

Perrotin is pleased to return to the Park Avenue Armory for the 2023 edition of TEFAF New York. The gallery will stage a presentation of historical abstract paintings by artists from the Second School of Paris, Anna-Eva Bergman, Hans Hartung, and Georges Mathieu, in conversation with artworks by contemporary artists Lee Bae and Johan Creten.

A seminal figure of art informel, Hans Hartung's paintings are characterized by both gestural abstraction and rationalism. At TEFAF, our booth will showcase paintings from the 1970s, a formative period marked by experimentation with color and geometric forms. Georges Mathieu was the founder of 'lyrical abstraction,' a term coined by critic Jean José Marchand in 1947 in reference to Mathieu's work. The artist departed from geometrical abstractions that had dominated the previous era to favor a visual language that privileged form over content and gesture over intent, aiming for uninhibited creative expression. Finally, Anna-Eva Bergman’s abstracted landscapes of Norway transform lunar light, jagged fjords, and endless horizons into spiritually transcendent compositions. Concurrently, the Paris Museum of Modern Art opened a retrospective of Bergman’s work, which will be on view until July 16th.

A significant figure in Korean contemporary art, Lee Bae’s monochromatic practice is a formal and immersive study on the color black and materiality. His chosen material of charcoal, obtained by burning wood and used to revive fire, offers a metaphor for the cycle of life and time itself. At TEFAF, he will present two works from his signature Issu du Feu and Landscape series.

Finally, our booth will showcase a series of Johan Creten’s abstract sculptures. Leader in the revival of ceramics in contemporary art, Creten has been a sculptor for over four decades and has become known for his allegorical figures that are filled with poetry and lyricism and mystery.