a signal urgent but breaking: Yale MFA Painting & Printmaking Class of 2023
group show
June 15 - July 28, 2023
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Perrotin is pleased to present artworks by Yale University’s Painting and Printmaking MFA class of 2023, which will be supplemented by a series of programs envisioned and executed by the class.

Kristen Hileman, Co-Teacher with Rachelle Dang, Yale Painting and Printmaking Thesis Seminar, 2023, has contributed a statement on the exhibition:

"Paint clinging to small, unexpected spaces; everyday stains—tobacco, soil, shellac—relocated to canvas; hints of language within visual fields; gestural trails of brushwork; tiny stitches and scratches; mere centimeters of disruption. . .these are the places of intimacy and incident in the work of the twenty-two artists who graduated from the Yale School of Art’s graduate program in painting and printmaking in spring 2023. Emerging into a post-pandemic cultural landscape, the cohort reminds us of the profound lessons learned since 2020: to dig deep roots and hold as precious our immediate worlds; to value the exploration and expression of self, extracted from conventional routines and institutional systems; and to recognize the vital need to care intensely about those who navigate these precarious times with us.

The most minute of their highly considered gestures acknowledges the possibility of individual agency and the power to resist and change that might be wrought through the accumulation of micro-acts. Despite its association with a period when the studio walls of abstract expressionists were shields behind which some artists and critics claimed to transcend the world (a world, to note, also recovering from global trauma. . .that of World War II), perhaps it is best not to abandon the idea of painting as a field of action. Rather, through these recent graduates’ work, we can prioritize activity embedded in the everyday, in identity, in family, and in history. This renewed sense of action is oriented to telling specific rather than universal stories, signaling a sense of urgency rather than timelessness. In depicting labor that is generally unseen, postulating multi-species points of view, and addressing the complex experiences of post-colonialism, race, and gender, these artists produce strong frameworks for observation, articulation, and resolution with aspirations to impact outlooks alongside form.

But these small actions also encourage close looking—one of the purest and continuing pleasures of encountering art. The artists exhibited here invite us to stand back, walk nearer, then take another position to investigate the texture of their surfaces. They use the optical to catalyze physical perspective shifts, engaging the whole body in contemplation. As we receive their works, we imagine the touch of soft, skin-like fabric, the attractive tug of magnets, the candied stickiness of mediums, and the variable burn of light. We linger in sensual emanations of color and, in some instances, bathe in the rhythmic pulsing of sound. The deliberation with which each sensation is offered is an invitation to extend the slight intervals of sheer feeling that exist after contact with stimuli but before language begins to name, categorize, and tame. This exhibition is an opportunity to attune our sensitivities to the primary perceptual gifts of being alive, as we calibrate ourselves to the strategies of artists inspired by the urgency of living now to create communications that might sustain us into the beyond."

Emmanuel Amoakohene


Born in 1993 in Kumasi, Ghana
Lives and works in New Haven, USA

Emmanuel Amoakohene was born and raised in Kumasi, Ghana and received his BFA from Rutgers University (2020). Amoakohene’s work probes the everyday textures of his milieux to reflect on time and memory. His practice oscillates between traditional, experimental, conceptual and material possibilities of drawing. This culminates into ensembles that utilize drawing, printmaking, collage, photographs and installation. His works employ materials such as charcoal, ink, and tape, as well as wooden structures that extend the boundaries of his pieces, creating spaces of dislocation between scenes. He encourages viewers to linger and find meaning in his works as mediated through their own subjectivities. Recurrent in his work are motifs of constraint, the in-betweenness of diasporic identity, and transformation.

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Alexandria Couch

Alexandria COUCH

Born in 1998 in Akron, USA
Lives and works in New Haven, USA

Alexandria Couch was born and raised in Akron, Ohio, and is a graduate of the Myers School of Art at the University of Akron (BFA 2020). Couch is a visual artist documenting figures in states of flux. Her work utilizes both traditional and found materials to facilitate states of dissonance between subjects and their surroundings. Her practice incorporates painting on fabric, which she often tears and re-quilts together. The resulting abstracted images mimic the reformation of marginal identities adapting to destabilized environments. Recently, her work has been shown regionally in the AXA Art Prize for 2019 and 2020 and in the Akron Art Museum, Summit Artspace, and FRONT International Exhibition.

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Stephano Espinoza Galarza


Born in 1992 in Guayaquil, Ecuador
Lives and works in New Haven, USA

Stephano Espinoza Galarza was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador. He received a BA in Social and Cultural Analysis from New York University (2015). His work explores primal narratives, fantasies, and lost memories through an interdisciplinary practice. His subject matter are forms undergoing transformation, oscillating between physical object and depiction. He sources the content from memory, photos, and observation. Circular time, non-sequential narratives, and signifying chains frame the inner experience of his work. Through color, shifts in scale, and both pictorial and sculptural renderings, he proposes new forms of perception.

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Hunter Foster


Born in 1993 in Little Rock, USA
Lives and works in New Haven, USA

Hunter Foster was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2015). Foster’s works blur the boundary between painting and sculpture, incorporating a variety of materials, such as textiles and metal. He constructs his paintings by winding 2” strips of dyed canvas around a wooden core, creating a densely packed field upon which he applies pigment. His practice is deeply informed by post-War American painting, and interrogates topics of faith, art history, spatial politics, and labor. He has exhibited work at Good Weather (Chicago), The Anderson (VCU, Richmond), Lock Up Intl. (London), Gern en Regalia (New York), among others.

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Daniela Gomez Paz


Born in 1992 in Cali, Colombia
Lives and works in New Haven, USA

Daniela Gomez Paz was born in Cali, Colombia, she immigrated to Queens, New York. She crafts intersections between weaving, painting, collage, and sculpture. She utilizes organic material, fabricated objects, natural and synthetic fibers in ways that become terrains in and of themselves allowing her to thread the autobiographical through the wider communal fabric of the familial. This threading situates her in social grounds as she grapples with perceptions of femininity and ideas about what is natural, unnatural, and the layered tensions these oppositions hold. Her pursued path in the arts and background in pedagogy led her to facilitate a wide range of programs with children, youth, seniors and families in schools, museums, and community centers. Gomez Paz has exhibited with Mindy Solomon Gallery in Miami, UNTITLED Art Fair with Latchkey Gallery in NYC and Plain Gallery in Italy. She acquired a Double Degree: BFA [Printmaking/Painting] & BA [Art History] from SUNY Purchase School of Art and Design, a MAT [Masters in Art Teaching] from Queens College and a MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Yale School of Art.

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Nina Hartmann


Born in 1990 in Miami, USA
Lives and works in Long Island City, USA

Nina Hartmann was born in Miami, Florida. She received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2013). Hartmann’s work incorporates images she collects from various digital and physical archives, and is particularly interested in how the meanings of images transform through reappropriation and recontextualization. Her multimedia works operate at the nexus between sculpture and painting, and conceptually map the spaces connecting mysticism, alternative histories, systems theory, and critical thought. Her newest work on view at Perrotin features images encapsulated in a resin wall sculpture. Her work has been featured at Downs & Ross (NYC), Silke Lindner Gallery (NYC), V1Gallery (Copenhagen), Harkawik Gallery (LA), and more.

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Erick Alejandro Hernández


Born in 1994 in Matanzas, Cuba
Lives and works in New Haven, USA

Erick Alejandro Hernández is an artist from Cuba living and working in New Haven, CT. He received his BFA in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design (2017). His paintings are orchestrations of memories that have been fractured or reimagined in processes surrounding lived trauma, revolving around overarching narratives such as a car crash or the death of a loved one. His subjects are frequently depicted in a state of bodily transit that parallels his early experiences with immigration while addressing broader histories of grief and displacement. Hernàndez has been a fellow at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Oxbow, Yaddo, Macdowell, and the Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program, among others.

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Jonathan Herrera Soto


Born in 1994 in Chicago, USA
Lives and works in New Haven, USA

Jonathan Herrera Soto was born in Chicago, Illinois and received a BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (2017). He is a recent recipient of the Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship and Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship. Herrera Soto’s work brings to the forefront the marginalized experiences of pleasure, pain, sex, love, risks, ceremony, and grief.

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Soren Hope

Soren HOPE

Born in 1993 in Long Island, USA
Lives and works in New Haven, USA

Soren Hope was born on Long Island, NY, and holds a BA in Studio Art from Carleton College (2015). Hope’s practice focuses on the body as a site of uncertainty. With oil paint on stretched canvas and paneI, their work depicts images of bodily disarray or interruption. Imagery of costumes, pranks, double meanings, and incidental resemblances further test the trustworthiness of perception. The artist exhibited their first solo show at Duck Creek Arts Center in Springs, New York in September 2018.

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Christopher Paul Jordan

Christopher PAUL JORDAN

Born in 1990 in Tacoma, USA
Lives and works in New Haven, USA

Christopher Paul Jordan is a painter and public artist from Tacoma, Washington. The artist laces salvaged materials—window screens and debris netting—with acrylic paint, simulating conditions of relocation to raise questions about human relationships. Through parallel practices in performance, installation, and sculpture, his investigations are often staged or permanently embedded in public space. Jordan’s first museum exhibition, In The Interim - Ritual Ground for a Future Black Archive, buries predictions of the end of the world by African American participants on the grounds of the Frye Art Museum until the year 2123. His 20ft bronze, aluminum, and steel sculpture andimgonnamisseverybody (2021) is the centerpiece for The AIDS Memorial Pathway in Seattle. Jordan is a Leslie Lohman museum fellow. His recent residencies include Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Headlands Center for the Arts, and Museum of Glass.

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Fiza Khatri


Born in 1992 in Karachi, Pakistan
Lives and works in New Haven, USA

Fiza Khatri was born and grew up in Karachi, Pakistan, and holds a BA in Art Studio from Mount Holyoke College (2015). Khatri’s work represents intimate portraits and gatherings of human and nonhuman inhabitants of their community. The scenes are extrapolated from encounters with feminist and queer space-making in the context of South Asia. The artist remixes imagery from lived experiences, imagined fantasies, sacred landscapes, and archival research to explore ecosystems of multispecies cohabitation.

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Rina Lam Goldfield


Born in 1987 in Northampton, USA
Lives and works in New Haven, USA

​​Rina Lam Goldfield was born in Northampton, Massachusetts, and holds a BFA from the Cooper Union (2010). She is an artist and educator whose practice is both experimental and research-based. She is interested in topics of language, chance, creation, and continuity. Most recently, her work has engaged books as a subject. She uses calligraphy, installation, and abstraction to create works that confound the experience of reading. In her newest series on view, Goldfield traces the paths of bookworms as they eat through old manuscripts.

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Natia Lemay


Born in 1985 in Toronto, Canada
Lives and works in New Haven, USA

Natia Lemay was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and holds a BFA from Ontario College of Art and Design (2021). She is an Afro-indigenous artist and curator of Black, Mi'kmaw, and Settler descent. Lemay plays with objectivity and subjectivity in her paintings, using light to excavate an all-black space. Sculpturally, she communicates an unsettled and precarious physicality through curvilinear works. She carves, shapes, and scrapes stone and wood to convey present and past traumas through multiple mediums. She explores themes of identity, consciousness, and visibility to problematize the conditions that have attempted to erase the humanity of racialized, indigenous and gendered people.

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Phoebe Little


Born in 1992 in Lincoln, USA
Lives and works in New Haven, USA

Phoebe Little was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and received a BFA from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her still life paintings examine contemporary constructions of identity through consumption and aestheticization of ideologies. She contemplates the relationships between objects, personal histories, and politics of production. The objects she paints are anthropomorphized, becoming actors in staged interactions. Her source material consists of photographs created through a combination of physically constructed still lifes and digital collage. These manipulated images defy the visual logic of consistent light sources and perspective, creating subtle surrealism. Her practice is in dialogue with the tradition of trompe l’oeil painting, and explores the paradox of the simultaneous legibility and deception of illusion.

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Estelle Maisonett


Born in 1991 in Bronx, USA
Lives and works in Queens, USA

Estelle Maisonett is an interdisciplinary, mixed-media artist and educator born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Her work is an investigation of how personal and socio-cultural relationships to objects inform preconceived notions of identity. Through a collection of photography, printmaking, sculpture, painting, found objects, and garments, Maisonett’s life-size collages explore the creation of archives.

Maisonett received her BFA from SUNY Purchase College in 2013. She has worked with The Parsons School of Design, NYU, The New York City Housing Authority, NYC Department of Education, the Bronx Children’s Museum and among others in NYC. She was a recipient of the 2023 Barry Cohen Scholarship, 2022 Alice Kimball Travel Grant Fellowship, 2021 NewWave Artist-in-Residence, 2018 Artist in the MarketPlace Fellow at the Bronx Museum of the Arts and a 2018 BronxArtSpace Artist in Residence. Estelle has exhibited at The Bronx Museum of Art, Chashama, Field Projects, Bronx Art Space, El Barrio ArtSpace at PS109, Longwood Art Gallery, The Andrew Freedman Home, among others.

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Tura Oliveira


Born in 1990 in Fall River, USA
Lives and works in Brooklyn, USA

Tura Oliveira was born in Fall River, Massachusetts and received their BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design (2013). Tura is a multidisciplinary artist whose work spans textiles, metal, installation, and performance. They use the dual languages of craft and science fiction to center marginalized visual culture including that of queer communities and Latinx leftist political movements. Their practice is rooted in the sensual materiality and inescapable politics of cloth; hand dyeing, mono printing, quilting, and beading transform silk and found fabrics into images that straddle past and future, human and non-human. The artist creates alien creatures that recall internal organs, humanoid hybrids, egg sacs, and tropical creepers with tentacles outstretched. They have had solo exhibitions at Geary Contemporary, LaMama Galleria, BRIC, and Wave Hill (all in NY), and a 2023 solo booth at Material Art Fair (Mexico City). They have been awarded fellowships and residencies at the British School at Rome, BRIC, the Museum of Arts and Design, Wave Hill, Ars Nova, A.I.R Gallery, Yaddo, and the Tides Institute.

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Maya Perry


Born in 1994 in New York, USA
Lives and works in New Haven, USA

Maya Perry spent her formative years as a drummer/singer in the experimental duo “Laila” and lives as a painter/performer. She’s performed both solo and collaboratively in venues and art spaces across cities such as Tel Aviv, Haifa, New York, Berlin, Leipzig, and etc. She became a prominent figure in the counterculture art scene in Tel Aviv, where she lived for seventeen years before returning to the states for her degree. Her work and experimental films have been installed and projected at festivals, museums and galleries. Her goal is to create sources of light where the internal and external can exist simultaneously and forgotten, repressed, and/or present experiences can come to the surface. She centers moments of contemplation, repetition, passivity and rest. Her practice oscillates from mediums and techniques such as painting to 16mm film to stop-motion animation, writing, sound, and performance. She is recently incorporating themes of looping, record-making and recording into her practice and wishes to highlight the Nurodivergent perspective in relation to time, space and experience.

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Gabriela Rassi

Gabriela RASSI

Born in 1983 in Goiânia, Brazil
Lives and works in New Haven, USA

Gabriela Rassi was born and raised in Goiânia, Brazil in a family of Arab immigrants. She holds a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design (2020). Prior to art school she toured nationally and internationally as a musician and as a member of the DIY music scene in New York City. She has an expansive practice that includes painting, performance, projection, video, and sound. She layers materials and mediums in order to abstract information and thus generate new meaning. There is no meaning without contradiction, ambiguity or tension. Interested in the emotional processing, mutation, and dissipation, she implicates the viewer by allowing space for their own subjectivity. In January 2023, her work was shown at Thierry Goldberg in New York City and she is preparing for shows in New York and Beijing this summer.

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Bryan Ali Sanchez


Born in 1989 in San Diego, USA
Lives and works in New Haven, USA

Bryan Ali Sanchez was born in San Diego, California and earned an AA from San Diego City College, a BFA from California State University of Long Beach (2019). His paintings address the effects and hardships of belonging to a working class community. He explores moments between stillness and tension. He achieves a blurred, ephemeral quality in his paintings through a range of paint application, and color combinations which emit a sensorial quality. His practice engages in a dialogue between past and present which reveal a fragmented understanding of two halves reflecting each other based on family history and childhood along the U.S-Mexico border. He recently exhibited at VETA Galeria in Madrid, Spain and GROVE in London, United Kingdom.

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María Vargas Aguilar


Born in 1994 in Guatemala City, Guatemala

Maria Vargas Aguilar received a BFA from Bennington College. She begins her collaged paintings in Photoshop, where she digitally constructs and reconfigures images composed of archival material and ephemera. The process of digital removal, covering, and editing reflects the themes of fragmentation, distortion, and the inexpressible forms of memory in her work. Her paintings incorporate a variety of materials, such as acrylic, ink, rubbers, and plastics, often featuring herself as subject.

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Can Yağız


Born in 1996 in Istanbul, Turkey
Lives and works in New Haven, USA

Can Yağız was born in Istanbul, Turkey and received a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art (2018). The artist’s practice incorporates discarded materials, such as crumpled paper, used wrappers, and receipts. The degradation of these elements are integral to the narratives constructed within Yağız’s pieces, which contemplate themes of belonging, selfhood, and decay.

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Ang Ziqi Zhang


Born in 1994 in Brampton, Canada
Lives and works between Brooklyn and New Haven, USA

Ang Ziqi Zhang was born in Brampton, Ontario and received a BA in Visual Arts and a BA in Economics from the University of Chicago in 2016. Their practice examines the functioning of emotion under late capitalism, incorporating both painting as well as DJing. Both facets of their work operate as a space of sensorial play and alterity. They incorporate fluorescent colors inspired by nightclub lighting and the visual culture of 1990s dance music within their underpaintings. Their paintings are visually layered, including large boxes of plexiglass, aluminum and woodblock prints, which reflect the sonic lushness and syncopation in their music. They have exhibited at Good Weather Gallery in Chicago, and Each Modern in Taipei, Taiwan.

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