Perrotin at The M Building
Daniel ARSHAM, Charles HASCOËT, Leslie HEWITT, JR, Paola PIVI
group show
December 2 - 10, 2023
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The M Building

194 NW 30th street

Miami, Florida

On the occasion of Art Basel Miami Beach, Perrotin presents an exhibition at The M Building located in the Wynwood Art District in Miami. The presentation highlights the making of JR's newest mural The Chronicles of Miami—to be unveiled through two public outdoor installations in the city—alongside a selection of work by Daniel Arsham, Charles Hascoët, Leslie Hewitt, and Paola Pivi.

Perrotin is pleased to present a series of mixed media works and light boxes by JR, made in relation to the debut of The Chronicles of Miami, one of the artist's most intricate murals to date. Inspired by Diego Rivera, JR began Chronicles in 2016 as a series of participatory murals that imagine how an entire place can be represented through art, with past murals presented at SFMOMA, Brooklyn Museum, and The Gun Chronicles: A Story of America on the cover of TIME Magazine. Incorporating ten different neighborhoods and 1,048 participants, The Chronicles of Miami is a highly realistic, photographic mural that offers a window into present life in Miami.

Photographer: Marc Azoulay. ©JR. Courtesy of the artist and Perrotin.
Photographer: Marc Azoulay. ©JR. Courtesy of the artist and Perrotin.
Photographer: Marc Azoulay. ©JR. Courtesy of the artist and Perrotin.
Photographer: Marc Azoulay. ©JR. Courtesy of the artist and Perrotin.
Photographer: Marc Azoulay. ©JR. Courtesy of the artist and Perrotin.

Each wall of The M Building showcases a different artist on the gallery's roster. The works on view include Leslie Hewitt's Daylight/Daylong diptych photo-sculptures, new paintings by Daniel Arsham and Charles Hascoët, as well as a new sculpture by Arsham which consists of a reconstructed MV Superveloce motorcycle. Finally, Paola Pivi stages 25 of her signature baby bears throughout the space, inviting visitors to wander through the whimsical environment of fluorescent feathered bears.

The M Building presentation coincides with Perrotin's booth at Art Basel Miami Beach, which features a solo presentation of new paintings by Emma Webster alongside a selection of works by artists from our roster.


Born in 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Lives and works in New York, USA

Daniel Arsham’s uchronic aesthetics revolves around his concept of fictional archaeology. Working in sculpture, architecture, drawing and film, he creates and crystallizes ambiguous in-between spaces or situations, and further stages what he refers to as future relics of the present. They are eroded casts of modern artifacts and contemporary human figures, which he expertly makes out of some geological material such as sand, selenite or volcanic ash for them to appear as if they had just been unearthed after being buried for ages. Always iconic, most of the objects that he turns into stone refer to the late 20th century or millennial era, when technological obsolescence unprecedentedly accelerated along with the digital dematerialization of our world. While the present, the future and the past poetically collide in his haunted yet playful visions between romanticism and pop art, Daniel Arsham also experiments with the timelessness of certain symbols and gestures across cultures.

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Born in 1985 in Paris, France
Lives and works in New York, USA

Charles Hascoët is an artist who lives and works between New York City and Paris. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris, and graduated in 2014. Of his student years, and along with his teachers (J.Rielly or J.Michel Alberola among them), he had the occasion to continue and deepen his favourite medium, painting. Hascoët draws from art historical tropes, iconic films, and childhood memories to paint nostalgic scenes that exist between reality and imagination. The artist fuses discordant symbols into domestic sill lives, romantic portraits, and dreamlike landscapes to create fantastical narratives. Hascoet’s tableaux pay homage to reclining figures of master French painters, like Gustave Courbet and Eugène Delacroix, while also incorporating an auto-biographical dimension as the artist inserts himself into these often peculiar worlds. By combining art-historical tropes with personal iconography, Hascoët invites us to join the process of self-discovery as he uncovers various parts of himself, as well as our collective histories.

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Born in 1977 in New York, New York, USA
Lives and works between New York, NY and Houston, TX

Leslie Hewitt’s hybrid approach to photography and sculpture revisits the still life genre from a post-minimalist perspective. Her geometric compositions, which she frames and crystallizes through the disciplines of photography and film theory, respectively, are spare assemblages of ordinary effects and materials, suggesting the porosity between intimate and sociopolitical histories. Whether discreetly arranged in layers on wooden planks or stacked before a wall in her studio, Hewitt’s objects often include personal mementos such as family pictures, as well as books and vintage magazines that reference the black literary and popular-culture ephemera of her upbringing. Interested in the mechanisms behind the construction of meaning and memory, she decisively challenges both by unfolding manifestly formal, rather than didactic, connections in her heteroclite juxtapositions. She puts pressure on physical space as the ultimate frame of her photo sculptures by displaying some of them leaning against a wall, as they were originally conceived. Hewitt further works with site-specific installation and film as modalities to contend equally with the notions of space and time.

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Born in 1983 in Paris, France
Lives and works between Paris, France and New York, New York, USA

JR works at the intersection of photography, street art, filmmaking and social engagement. Over the last two decades he has developed multiple public projects and numerous site-specific interventions in cities all over the world: from buildings in the slums around Paris, to the walls in the Middle East and Africa or the favelas of Brazil. His recent solo exhibition, JR: Chronicles at the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, USA (2019) has since traveled to Saatchi Gallery, London, UK (2021), Groninger Museum, Netherlands (2021), Kunsthalle Munich, Germany (2022) and Lotte Museum, Seoul, South Korea (2023). Other solo projects include Les Enfants d'Ouranos at the Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill (2023), The Chronicles of San Francisco at SFMOMA, San Francisco (2019) and Momentum, la mécanique de l’épreuve at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris (2018).

JR is also the director of three full-length documentaries: Women Are Heroes (2011); the Academy Award-nominated Faces and Places (2017), co-directed by Agnès Varda; and most recently, Paper and Glue (2021).

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Paola PIVI

Born in 1971 in Milan, Italy
Lives and works in Island of Hawai'i, Hawai’i, USA

Born in Italy in 1971, Paola Pivi’s artistic practice is diverse and enigmatic. Commingling the familiar with the alien, Pivi often works with commonly identifiable objects which are modified to introduce a new scale, material or color, challenging the audience to change their point of view. Animals are often cast as protagonists in Pivi’s world. She draws upon their perceived characteristics and instills them with human mannerisms. In Pivi’s art, Polar bears practice yoga, hang from trapezes, and engage with one another. Sprouting multicolored feathers, the artworks are both life-sized and miniaturized as baby bears. Spanning sculpture, video, photography, performance and installation, Pivi’s practice trespasses perceived limits to make possible what before seemed impossible. Zebras frolic in the arctic, goldfish fly on airplanes, and in her 2012 Public Art Fund installation, a Piper Seneca airplane was lifted on its wingtips and installed to constantly rotate forward.

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