Special presentation of the gallery’s art editions.

February 1 - 24, 2024

10 impasse Saint-Claude

75003 Paris

Perrotin is presenting a selection of art editions in its Saint-Claude space. This special event – a unique extension of Perrotin Store – features a fresh range of posters, editions, books, and limited-edition objects created by the gallery's artists.

Views of 'Perrotin Editions, Everyone is a Collector!' at Perrotin Paris, 2024. ©Photo : Tanguy Beurdeley. Courtesy of all artists and Perrotin.

“I grew up in a family that couldn’t afford to buy art, but my parents loved culture so much that every time we went to a museum, we bought something in the gift shop. Our house was full of posters. This idea has been central to the development of my gallery. Art is for everyone!”

— Emmanuel Perrotin

Perrotin Store was launched in Paris in 2011 and now has several outlets worldwide. Offering a wide range of products and prices, it is part of the gallery's ongoing effort to make art accessible to all.

The first bookshop was opened in Paris, followed by New York, Seoul, Tokyo, and Shanghai, as well as occasional outlets in Hong Kong. The Perrotin Store e-shop was launched in 2014.

In 2021, Perrotin Store moved to the Samaritaine for four months to mark the reopening of this iconic Parisian landmark. In September 2022, the Conran Shop Paris hosted Perrotin Store for two months during Paris Design Week. Since 2022, Perrotin has been collaborating with Bellagio Resort & Casino, which hosts the Perrotin Store Las Vegas.

The growing success of Perrotin Store has gone hand in hand with the development of Perrotin Editions. Launched over ten years ago, the latter publishes catalogs, monographs, books, posters, prints, art objects, and other multiples by the gallery's artists.

Conceived in close collaboration with the artists and their representatives, the custom-made editions promote their work and help them reach a wider audience. The editions are published throughout the year to coincide with the gallery’s exhibition calendar and artist events.

Perrotin Editions is the first exhibition of its kind at the gallery. For three weeks, one floor of the Marais gallery will showcase a selection of editions by the gallery's artists, some of them exclusive. Perrotin Editions is displayed in a specially designed setting created in partnership with design studio Pierre Augustin Rose.


Based on a work by artist Josh Sperling, Big Time Puzzle consists of 64 wooden pieces. A French cabinetmaker created the various elements from one of the artist’s two-dimensional drawings. Each piece was individually painted according to a chromatic range chosen by the artist.

Portrait with curls
Portrait with stripes

These white-glazed ceramic dishes are based on original drawings by artist Claire Tabouret. To remain as faithful as possible to the artist's work, an artisan potter carried out this highly sophisticated process.

Portrait with curls

Portrait with stripes

The lithograph Convergences is part of Mathilde Denize’s new series of paintings. The French artist cut up some of her works and wove them into new shapes, which she arranged on the surface of the painting. Mathilde Denize's work is born of a desire to make sense of a fragmented present. An avid collector of discarded objects, she often cuts up her old paintings and reweaves them using found materials. With subtle touches, Denize creates a collection of forgotten, anonymous forms, fragments of a contemporary archaeology. Convergences is a pigment print with goldleaf highlights and includes collages of six pieces.