Installation views of Perrotin’s booth at Art Basel, 2024. Photos: Claire Dorn. Courtesy of all artists and Perrotin ©ADAGP, Paris 2024.
©︎2024 Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Courtesy Perrotin.


Booth L24

Hall 2.1

June 11 – 16

Perrotin is pleased to participate in the latest iteration of Art Basel with a solo presentation by Jean-Michel Othoniel in the Kabinett sector. Concurrently, the artist is holding his first solo exhibition in Scandinavia at the Sara Hildén Art Museum, Finland.

The gallery will also debut a new collaboration with Brooklyn-based Iranian artist Ali Banisadr with a large-scale painting at the booth. In November, the gallery will present his first solo exhibition at Perrotin Shanghai.

This year, the booth has been significantly expanded to include a second floor featuring a selection of works by artists from the roster.

Currently on show at the Venice Biennale and ahead of his solo exhibition at the KØS museum in Denmark, Iván Argote will present a series of photographs from his film Levitate which was presented in 2022 at the Centre Pompidou for his nomination to Marcel Duchamp Prize.

The booth will also show new works from JR’s series Dans la Lumière, currently on display in his solo exhibition at Perrotin Paris.

Later in the week, the booth will feature a solo corner with new paintings by Mathilde Denize.

Finally, the gallery will present a selection of sculptures by British artist Lynn Chadwick for the first time since announcing the representation of his estate. Three major exhibitions curated by art historian Matthieu Poirier, each reflecting a specific chapter in Lynn Chadwick’s career, will be held at Perrotin Paris (12 October to 16 November 2024), Perrotin New York (September 2025), and finally, Perrotin Shanghai (2026). The gallery will also display the artist’s works at Frieze London in October.

The booth also features works by Jean-Marie Appriou, Daniel Arsham, Cristina BanBan, Hernan Bas, Anna-Eva Bergman, Sophie Calle, Julian Charrière, Johan Creten, Gabriel de la Mora, Wim Delvoye, Elmgreen & Dragset, Jens Fänge, Bernard Frize, Laurent Grasso, Hans Hartung, Thilo Heinzmann, Gregor Hildebrandt, Dora Jeridi, Izumi Kato, Bharti Kher, Koak, Klara Kristalova, Lee Bae, Georges Mathieu, Mr., Takashi Murakami, Danielle Orchard, Park Seo-Bo, Paul Pfeiffer, Paola Pivi, Christiane Pooley, Qi Zhuo, Gérard Schneider, Shim Moon-Seup, Josh Sperling, Kathia St. Hilaire, Tavares Strachan, Claire Tabouret, Xavier Veilhan, Bernar Venet, Pieter Vermeersch and Emma Webster.


Perrotin is pleased to announce its representation of Brooklyn-based artist Ali Banisadr (b. 1976, Tehran, Iran). Known for his complex oil paintings that conjure densely-imagined worlds, Banisadr will debut a major new work, The Mirror World (2024), for Perrotin’s participation in this year’s edition of Art Basel. Additionally, in November 2024, Banisadr will present his first solo exhibition with Perrotin at the gallery’s Shanghai location, in the heart of Shanghai’s historic Bund district.

In 2025, the artist’s mid-career survey, Ali Banisadr: The Alchemist, will open at the Katonah Museum of Art in Katonah, New York, featuring paintings, drawings, and prints dating from 2006 to the present. In addition to Perrotin, Banisadr will continue to be represented by Thaddaeus Ropac, Kasmin Gallery, and Victoria Miro.

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Othoniel: Noeuds Sauvages

Kabinett sector

We are delighted to showcase a solo presentation by Jean-Michel Othoniel selected in the Kabinett sector, Art Basel’s curated selection of installations, located within the booths of the galleries.

Jean-Michel Othoniel’s aesthetics revolve around the notion of emotional geometry. Through the repetition of modular elements, he creates works that reflect the complexity of human nature. This presentation offers an insight into the artist’s general work. For his sculptures Wild Knots he has collaborated for more than 10 years with the mathematician Aubin Arroyo, who introduced him to his theories of knots and reflections. For Othoniel, the infinite reflections materialize the link between the intuitive and the rational, the micro and the macro cosmos. In addition he refers to Jacques Lacan’s psychoanalytical theory of the Borromean knot: Othoniel’s Lacan’s Knot was recently on show at the Centre Pompidou-Metz. For Kabinett, he also presents a large abstract painting, building on his work inspired by plant species and his fascination with flowers’ infinite symbolic associations – a project that nods to his current retrospective at the Sara Hildén Art Museum in Finland.


In this special installation conceived for Art Basel, Iván Argote presents a new series of photographs and sculptures that merge various degrees of fiction, encouraging critical reflection on the historical imagery of power. In the photographs Levitate, Villa Medici (Rome), Argote crafted a replica of the Obelisco Flaminio and made it float above the Rome skyline for two days, creating the illusion of a possible relocation. The Obelisco Flaminio (Piazza del Popolo, Rome) was the first obelisk brought to Europe by Emperor Augustus in 10 BC to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the conquest of Egypt. Since then, many emperors, popes, and wealthy families in Europe have transported various obelisks to demonstrate their dominance over other territories. For centuries, the obelisk has become an archetypal monument, and it has become "normal" to see them around Europe or in various reproductions. Through this intervention, Argote creates a hallucination, a flying monolith that challenges our understanding of the use of public space and the banality of displays of power and domination. To complete the installation, Argote presents a new series of sculptures titled "Wild Flowers, Augustus" which features a replica of the Emperor Augustus statue, sliced into pieces and used as holders for wild plants. These sculptures anticipate a future where nature reclaims and invades the remnants of statues erected in honor of "great historic men."