JR, Sophie CALLE, Johan CRETEN, Lionel ESTÈVE, Bernard FRIZE, Laurent GRASSO, Georges MATHIEU, Jean-Michel OTHONIEL, Xavier VEILHAN
group show
July 2 - August 31, 2024
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Piramide Building, 2F, 6-6-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku

Perrotin Tokyo is pleased to announce the opening of Perrotin Salon Tokyo this July, within the Piramide Building in Roppongi where the existing gallery and its associated store are located. Situated adjacent to the Roppongi Hills complex, with Mori Art Museum a stone’s throw away, the building serves as a hub of art galleries and related offices.


Located on the second floor of Piramide Building, Perrotin Salon aims to provide an opportunity for deeper engagement and interaction between artists, collectors, art professionals, international visitors, and local creatives. In an intimate setting the boutique gallery space will offer privacy and comfort for discovery and interchange.

The decision for this extension comes as the gallery enters its seventh year operating in Tokyo, having established a strong connection with Japan some three decades ago. Perrotin Tokyo opened its doors on June 7, 2017 with a solo exhibition of Pierre Soulages and has since extended its premises twice, roughly doubling its gallery space in May 2019, and opening a bookstore (Perrotin Store Tokyo) adjacent to the gallery in July 2020.



Thanks to our 30-plus years of bond commitment to Japan and its artists, institutions, collectors, and people, I am delighted to continue to deepen and nurture our relationships with the launch of Perrotin Salon Tokyo. Establishing my gallery in Tokyo since 2017 has opened doors and created opportunities I never dreamed about, I believe that a strong commitment is necessarily to work on a long-term basis with high-level artists and collectors. Expending our gallery in Tokyo will create complementarity and interactivity with the local art scene and will stimulate the whole gallery!

30年以上にわたる日本とそのアーティストたち、美術館や財団、コレクター、日本の皆さまとの深い絆とコミットメントのお蔭で、このたび、ペロタンサロン東京を立ち上げることができました。この絆を今後より一層深め、育んでいけることを大変嬉しく思います。 2017年に東京にギャラリーをオープンさせて以来、夢にも思わなかった扉が開かれ、素晴らしい機会に恵まれてきました。ハイレベルなアーティストやコレクターたちと長期的に仕事をするには、強靭なコミットメント力が不可欠だと考えております。東京ギャラリーの拡張は、地域のアートシーンとの相互補完や対話を生み出すだけでなく、ギャラリー全体を触発するものとなるでしょう!

— Emmanuel Perrotin - Founder

The concept for the Perrotin Salon derives from the salon culture in 17th and 18th century France, during the Age of Enlightenment. The salon was a private social gathering in which guests of varied social backgrounds discussed the arts, philosophy, and politics, exchanging fresh, liberal and radical ideas, eventually contributing to the rise of the Enlightenment. As such, Perrotin Salon aims to provide a space for open exchange and inspiration.


Our interest and focus is in nourishing long-lasting relationships and connections with the community, our artists and our clients, and our colleagues in the ecosystem of art in Japan. We are proud of our diverse community of all ages, cultures, and walks of life, and we hope that Perrotin Salon will provide the opportunity for more interconnection and discovery.


— Stephanie Vaillant – Senior Director of Perrotin Tokyo
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