Booth A3

Miami Beach Convention Center

December 6 — 10, 2023

Perrotin is pleased to participate in Art Basel Miami Beach 2023 with a solo presentation of work by Los Angeles-based painter Emma Webster.

Webster utilizes a hybrid sketching-sculpting process to create landscape paintings that highlight our complex, often destructive, relationship with nature. For the last decade, Webster's practice has centered on fantastical scenery, constructed first as sculptures in virtual reality, and then painted as dramatic vistas. At Art Basel Miami Beach, Webster unveils a series inspired by rapturous phenomena, conflating terror and awe, amidst unknown climates. Currents of fluid, release valves for atmospheric spirit, and knots in ominous skies function as abstractions, interrogating nature as a fundamental expression of will: human, divine, other.

Webster is a graduate of Stanford University (BA, 2011) and Yale University (MFA in Painting, 2018). She has held two solo exhibitions with Perrotin in Tokyo and Seoul, and her work was recently exhibited in group exhibitions at ICA Miami and Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. In 2021, Webster published Lonescape: Green, Painting, & Mourning Reality, a collection of musings on landscape and image-making in an increasingly digital world.

On the front wall of Perrotin’s booth is a large-scale painting by Emily Mae Smith. In Embrace, Smith depicts her signature anthropomorphic broomstick figure, in conversation with additional new works on the booths of Petzel and Rodolphe Janssen. This joint presentation precedes Smith's exhibition at the Magritte Museum in Brussels in 2024. The forthcoming exhibition places in conversation the two artists, underscoring Magritte's impact on Smith while bolstering Smith's examination of female representation within art history.

Additionally, the gallery showcases work by artists with current and upcoming exhibitions at Perrotin New York. Jean-Michel Othoniel presents a Necklace sculpture, concurrent with his exhibition on view through December 22, and three artists on display will open their first exhibitions in New York this winter: Kathia St. Hilaire and Xiyao Wang in January, as well as Jason Boyd Kinsella in March. Art Basel Miami Beach also marks the gallery’s first collaboration with Alex Gardner, ahead of his exhibition at Perrotin New York in June 2024. Takashi Murakami also debuts a flower painting concurrent with his exhibition at Perrotin Shanghai.

Finally, Perrotin's booth presents work by other artists on the gallery's roster, including Iván Argote, Daniel Arsham, Johan Creten, Mathilde Denize, Nick Doyle, Zach Harris, Kara Joslyn, Lee Bae, Danielle Orchard, Park Seo-Bo, Paola Pivi, Gabriel Rico, and Josh Sperling.

Concurrent with Perrotin's booth at Art Basel Miami Beach, the gallery presents an exhibition at The M Building in the Wynwood Art District, featuring a solo presentation by JR alongside a selection of works by additional artists.